Feasibility and Trustworthiness for a wide range of demands

Infrastructure and Production

Our infrastructure and manufacturing capacity are constantly assessed and improved to promote and support higher and more reliable outputs on targeted areas and sectors. This mind-setting shall be understood as the ground for both, facility and equipment demands but also to increase the level of qualification, versatility and motivation of our collaborators, as well the respective working conditions.

Our area is over 2200mm2 using two interconnected buildings, the last premises increase for double capacity was done on 2019.

Quality Assurance

Besides a standardized Control Plan that takes in consideration each Customer Special Characteristics in detail, we are driven by a Quality assurance systematic with the same grounds as the Automotive Industry standards.

We constantly work with our Customers questioning from materials to production systems to offer the most trustable and reliable products. That’s a CSP characteristics because we understand every aspect of the wiring harness applications and we are committed to developing effective product solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.